Selected publications

Air Pollution Drives Macrophage Senescence through a Phagolysosome-15-Lipoxygenase Pathway.

Sarah A Thomas, H. Yong, Ana M Rule, N. Gour, Stephane Lajoie

ImmunoHorizons, 2024

Relevant papers

Epigenetic regulation of epithelial dectin-1 through an IL-33-STAT3 axis in allergic disease

HM. Yong, N. Gour, D. Sharma, SM. Khalil, AP. Lane, S. Lajoie

Allergy, 2022

Interleukin 13 (IL‐13) alters hypoxia‐associated genes and upregulates CD73

S. Khalil, Isaac A. Bernstein, H. Kulaga, N. Gour, N. Rowan, S. Lajoie, A. Lane

International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology, 2020

Serum amyloid A is a soluble pattern recognition receptor that drives type 2 immunity

U. Smole, N. Gour, J. Phelan, G. Hofer, Cordula Köhler, B. Kratzer, Peter A. Tauber, Xiao Xiao, Nu Yao, J. Dvorak, L. Caraballo, L. Puerta, Sandra Rosskopf, J. Chakir, E. Malle, A. Lane, W. Pickl, S. Lajoie, M. Wills-Karp

Nature Immunology, 2020

Unique pulmonary immunotoxicological effects of urban PM are not recapitulated solely by carbon black, diesel exhaust or coal fly ash

N. Gour, K. Sudini, S. Khalil, A. Rule, P. Lees, E. Gabrielson, J. Groopman, S. Lajoie*, A. Singh*, *co-corresponding authors

Environmental Research, 2018

Dysregulated invertebrate tropomyosin–dectin-1 interaction confers susceptibility to allergic diseases

N. Gour, S. Lajoie, U. Smole, M. White, D. Hu, Pagé C. Goddard, S. Huntsman, C. Eng, A. Mak, Sam S. Oh, Jung-Hyun Kim, Annu Sharma, S. Plante, I. Salem, Y. Resch, Xiao Xiao, Nu Yao, Anju Singh, S. Vrtala, J. Chakir, E. Burchard, A. Lane, M. Wills-Karp

Science immunology, 2018

C3a is required for ILC2 function in allergic airway inflammation

N. Gour, U. Smole, H. Yong, I. Lewkowich, Nu Yao, Anju Singh, E. Gabrielson, M. Wills-Karp, S. Lajoie

Mucosal Immunology, 2018

IL‐17A enhances IL‐13 activity by enhancing IL‐13–induced signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 activation

S. Hall, Theresa A Baker, S. Lajoie, P. K. Richgels, Yanfen Yang, J. McAlees, Adelaide van Lier, M. Wills-Karp, U. Sivaprasad, T. Acciani, T. LeCras, J. B. Myers, M. B. Kovacic, I. Lewkowich

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2017

Epithelial Cell Regulation of Allergic Diseases

N. Gour, S. Lajoie

Current Allergy and Asthma Reports, 2016

Differential control of CD4+ T‐cell subsets by the PD‐1/PD‐L1 axis in a mouse model of allergic asthma

J. McAlees, S. Lajoie, K. Dienger, A. Sproles, P. K. Richgels, Yanfen Yang, M. Khodoun, M. Azuma, H. Yagita, P. Fulkerson, M. Wills-Karp, I. Lewkowich

European Journal of Immunology, 2015

IL‐21 receptor signalling partially mediates Th2‐mediated allergic airway responses

S. Lajoie, I. Lewkowich, N. Herman, A. Sproles, J. Pesce, T. Wynn, M. Grusby, Q. Hamid, M. Wills-Karp

Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 2014

PD-L2 modulates asthma severity by directly decreasing dendritic cell IL-12 production

I. Lewkowich, S. Lajoie, S. Stoffers, Y. Suzuki, PK Richgels, K. Dienger, A. Sproles, H. Yagita, Q. Hamid, M. Wills-Karp

Mucosal Immunology, 2012

Complement-mediated regulation of the interleukin 17A axis is a central genetic determinant of the severity of experimental allergic asthma

S. Lajoie, I. Lewkowich, Yusuke Suzuki, J. Clark, A. Sproles, K. Dienger, A. Budelsky, M. Wills-Karp

Nature Immunology, 2010

Increased Expression of IL-33 in Severe Asthma: Evidence of Expression by Airway Smooth Muscle Cells1

D. Préfontaine, S. Lajoie-Kadoch, S. Foley, S. Audusseau, R. Olivenstein, A. Halayko, C. Lemière, James G. Martin, Q. Hamid

Journal of Immunology, 2009


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