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In the words of students: Meet our quirky PI, to stay in his good books just: a) laugh at his jokes, b) keep lab benches tidier than a Martha Stewart magazine shoot, c) maintain a paranoia level of 101% when it comes to sterile hoods. Oh, and be ready for gastronomic adventures and an onslaught of baked treats-your research is fueled by cupcakes! 🍰🧪🍰🧪

Lab manager
Hwan Mee efficiency is so impressive that she could probably conduct a symphony while pipetting and her niceness is so contagious that even the mice in colony are forming fan clubs!

Msc student
Meek and mild does not describe this wild science child!

PhD student
Based on this PhD student's puns, their advisor is considering writing a dissertation on "The Perils of Punderful Research."

Undergraduate Research


Lab mascot
We implore Babo for grant money

Lab Spiritual healer
Pawsitive vibes only

Lab ninja
According to ChatGPT: "This scientist, much like a raccoon, exhibits a mischievous and resourceful nature, approaching research with a curious demeanor."


Msc student (2021-2023): Currently RA @ JHU SOM
Hsin Tzu approaches experiments with the wide-eyed curiosity of a cat at a laser light show.

Msc student (2021-2022): Currently -PhD student @ JHU (MMI department)
Aishwarya's dedication to academics is only rivaled by her talent for covertly devouring snacks like a snack ninja.

Msc student (2021-2023)- Currently RA @ JHU SOM
You can mostly find Aishwarya in the tissue culture room (she is a woman of culture after all!).

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